Youspired Cancellation Policy

This is an article that outlines Youspired's Cancellation policy

Please read through this policy before you subscribe to a coach of your choice.

As a Youspired subscriber, you are free to cancel your subscription or unsubscribe from your coach at any given time. 

This can be done through your profile after logging into your account. More info on how to unsubscribe here.


Youspired has a 'No Refunds' policy so please ensure you choose your coach wisely. 


Once you have successfully cancelled your subscription or unsubscribed, you will still maintain access to your Coaches content for the duration of your subscription term.

However, once you reach the end of the subscription term, your subscription will end and not be renewed. 

As you hold access to the coaches profile and their content until the end of the subscription period, you will not get a refund for your payment after cancelling.