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Why Should I Become A Youspired Coach?

Get paid for your content

Youspired is a coaching and education platform that provides live, uncensored, real training from real coaches, market leaders and influencers.

Our mission at Youspired is to positively, profoundly & permanently change 10,000,000 amazing lives for the better by inspiring them to grow, prosper and become more successful.

We have achieved this by creating an innovative, ground breaking and disruptive social platform where your favourite coach, market leader and influencers can live stream curated, powerful, world class content without distraction and be rewarded for it.

The Youspired app allows anyone who has a message and an audience to amplify that message, and get paid for it.

Share Your Passion

If you have a skill to share with the world and a following that you have worked hard to build, this is your opportunity to be rewarded for it. 

Turn your passion into life changing content that your followers will pay for. 

Set Your Price

You have control over how much your monthly subscription fee is. There is no maximum price so you can charge what ever you believe your content is worth. 

No Ads, No Distractions

Youspired is an ad-free platform. When your subscribers pay their monthly fee, they get uninterrupted access to your profile. 

Get Paid

You can view your earning's inside the coach dash board. It gives you a live estimate of monthly recurring revenue from your subscriptions. Get paid in USD every month. 

If you think you have what it takes to be a Youspired coach, complete an application form here.