Coaches Earning's And What Fees Are Charged?

There are no hidden costs when you join Youspired as a coach. Coaches receive an 80/20 split, after fees.

Coaches have the ability to set subscription prices displayed to subscribers for their channel (starting from USD $14.99 per month).

As much as it would be nice to have a business where you could never spend another cent on operating expenses, it just is not possible! Below is a breakdown of Coach Fees.

All fees are taken from the top line revenue before the 80/20 Split with the coach and Youspired.

Youspired Fees

  1. Apple Tax  -  Apple take 30% of all in-app subscriptions. (Web Based subscriptions do not incur this charge) 
  2. Credit card processing fees associated with payments received from Subscribers (2.9% of the monthly subscription price, plus 30c (In-app subscriptions do not incur this fee).
  3. Streaming Contribution Fee  -  USD $1.50 for every Subscriber per month, deducted by Youspired before the earnings are split. 
Youspired will then split the earnings 80/20 after the above fees and show the estimated payout balance on the coach dashboard.