How To Log In

If you are logging in for the first time or your login details are not working... Here is what to do

Logging in to Youspired

Sign In Problem

If you have just created an account and you are trying to log into the app for the first time, or if you find that your log in details are not working, here is something to try;

  • Ensure that you are logging in with the same method you used to sign up with 
    • e.g, if you signed up to Youspired with your Apple id, try logging into the app through the "Sign in with Apple" button. 
    • The same goes for Facebook. If you sign up to Youspired with Facebook then you will need to log in by tapping "Sign in with Facebook"
    • The same goes the other way. If you sign up by using your email and password and then try to sign in to the app with your Facebook or Apple account, it will not work.

Hint: If you signed up with any of the above and try input your Apple id email or Facebook email into the email and password field, when signing in, it will not work.

In short the way you sign up to Youspired is the way you need to sign in to Youspired.