How Often Do I Get My Earning's Paid Out?

There is a monthly cycle where funds are paid out to coaches

Pay Cycle

Once a subscriber has paid their subscription, fees are deducted and the remaining amount is split (Youspired takes 20% and the coach gets 80%) and the estimated balance appears on your coach dashboard within 24 hours. 

Payouts are processed on the 21st of each calendar month for subscriptions earned from the previous calendar month.  

For example, on the 21st of March payments are processed from subscription earnings in the month of February. 

The processing time for the money to arrive in your Stripe account may be between 3-5 business days. 

In-App Subscription Payouts

Subscription earnings that occur within the Youspired app are held by Apple for a period of up to 45 days.

Once Apple processes the earnings and deducts their fees, the money is transferred to Youspired and all fees are deducted before the 80/20 split with the coach. 

Earnings from in-app purchases will be paid out on the nearest payment cycle date, after the funds are received by Youspired.

For example if earnings from In-app subscriptions for the month of March are sent to Youspired from Apple on the 15th of April, then funds will be paid out on the 21st April with all other earnings. 

If there is a delay and the earnings from Apple arrive on the 22nd of March then payout of those earnings will roll over to the next months payout date. In this case the 21st of May.