Coach Bonus Delivery

How do you get your bonus' to your subscribers?

Subscriber List

Privacy for our subscribers and our coaches is extremely important to us here at Youspired. We currently do not disclose any information on a coaches subscribers. For more detail on this subject, read this article.

How Are Coach Bonus' Delivered?

At this stage coach bonus' are delivered via the Youspired team. As we do not provide a list of subscriber contact details to the coaches, Youspired carries out the delivery of the bonus content via email. 

The bonus delivery emails that we send subscribers on the coaches behalf, can not contain attachments of the bonus'. The coach will need to provide the Youspired team with a link to their bonus assets that will be sent in the email to their subscribers. 

When a bonus is offered that requires a random draw or a giveaway, we will provide the coach with a list of their subscriber usernames so they can draw a winner.

The coach will let the Youspired team know who the winners are and we will contact those individuals.