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Are There Any Restrictions On Content When Live Streaming?

There are strict content and use guidelines that we uphold at Youspired

Everyone deserves to have a safe environment to learn, grow and consume content in.

We have content and use guidelines in place to ensure that Youspired continues to provide a world class experience.

Please see the content and use guidelines in our Terms of Service under section 6.3 here.

Coach Responsibility

As a potential or approved Youspired coach, you hold a great responsibility in your hands. You have the privilege and challenge of educating, entertaining and coaching your audience in a profound and positive way.

The content that you provide will directly affect the lives of your subscribers. 

We do not take the privilege of coaching lightly.

When agreeing to become a coach, you also agree to uphold the standard and quality of content that you produce on Youspired. You are agreeing that all the content that you produce adheres to our Terms of Service. 

If you are found to have breached the Terms of Service, your coach account will be suspended and all your subscriptions will be cancelled.

We operate on a strict 'one strike and you're out' bases.